Systems Division

A company considers the purchase of material handling equipment and systems in order to improve the efficiency and performance of some function. Because materials handling directly affects the day-to-day operation of a facility, the decision to acquire new equipment and technology becomes a critical factor in the profitability of the business.

There are many companies that supply materials handling equipment. Among reputable vendors, there may be very little difference of their products. The difference is, is the selection right for the solution for the customer needs? KDMH Systems has the experience and technical knowledge to properly select and apply equipment and technology in a way that best suits your business and operations. The vast number of contacts and networks compliment these attributes.

By their nature, materials handling systems are complex. Through many collective years of experience and expertise, KDMH Systems knows how to integrate these products so they work in conjunction with other machinery and operations. This "Systems Approach" reduces the chance of breakdowns, lost-time, misapplication, and inefficiencies that can cost your company profits and customers. We take an interactive "Teamwork" approach with our customers.

    The following is a partial list of our strategic partners:
  • Cornerstone Automation Systems - Conveyors, sortation, in-motion check-weighers, robotic palletizing, automatic label print and apply, RFID, WMS, cubing systems, voice picking, pick-to-light, in-house software.

  • Cubic Designs Mezzanines - Cubic offers a variety of single and multi-level custom designed including freestanding, full mat and rack supported mezzanines to fit your exact area, height, and load requirements. A variety of special options are offered to meet your specific needs. Choose from several deck surfaces, paint colors, code approved stair designs and swing or sliding gates. Mezzanines can be integrated with in-plant offices, conveyors, rack systems, vertical lifts and other material handling products.

  • RIDG U RAK - Offers a full line of storage rack to include selective, push bak, drive-in, cantilever. They are one of the very few manufacturers to conduct independent laboratory testing of its products to verify calculations. Every product has been capacity-rated using this procedure. All design capacities shown are in full compliance with the 1997 Rack Manufacturer’s Institute standards.

  • ACSI - Manufacturer of a complete line of powered and gravity conveyors handling small parts to case goods, bags, pallets and other unit loads. Styles included, horizontal, inclined, declined and tilted. Powered units are available in a variety of power sources from 120V/1/60, 240/480/3/60, and 24VDC. Conveying surfaces from rubber belts, to rollers, wire mesh belts, and chains. Specials are also available for consideration.

  • Portec - Manufacturer of Power Belt Curves, Spiral Lifts®, Spiral Chutes, Merges, Power Faced Diverters and other Specialty Conveyors. Portec's custom material handling equipment has been incorporated into airport baggage handling systems, mail and parcel handling, manufacturing, retail distribution, food processing facilities, cement plants, etc. around the world.

  • Diamond Phoneix - Diamond Phoenix is a manufacturer of vertical and horizontal carousels, vertical lift modules, AS/RS systems, and all the components and software to operate the systems.

  • Best Conveyors - Best Conveyors manufactures a complete line of Gravity and Powered Expandable, Flexible conveyors. They specialize in designing turnkey systems for loading and unloading trucks at distribution centers and retail stores. The Best/Flex Expandable Conveyor has been proven to save time and labor, and increase overall efficiency in a wide range of applications.